Inside Design and Back Cover Copy

Today the inside layout design was available for me to review.  The team provided me with several different options for font, frames, text locations, colors, etc.  It was very easy to review and to provide feedback.  It’s all becoming even more real!  I also needed to write some copy for the back cover of the book.  Here is what I wrote.  I like it, I hope everyone else does too!

You may have been to Paris, New York, or maybe Rome, but there’s truth to the saying, “There’s no place like home.”

The Best Place for Me is a journey through some of the most wonderful places in all the world.  With enchanting images and fun rhymes, parents and their little ones can travel far and wide.  At the end of the grand adventure, a special message is delivered to each baby and child.  This message is one that every parent wants to to share with their children.  “Right here with you is the best place for me.”

So pack your bags and hop in our balloon!  We’ll be departing today at half past noon!  Around the world is where we’ll go, but the best place in the world is a secret place only you will know.  

Open the this book and turn the front page!  You’re sure to love it, at any age!

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