The Best Place For Me…The Movie!


Ok, don’t get too excited!  No, I have not signed a movie deal with Pixar or Universal…yet!  But, in the spirit of last night’s Academy Awards, I thought I would pick which actors and actresses should play the characters from The Best Place For Me.

The illustration above, of my two little French love doves (love pigeons just doesn’t sound the same!), is the opening image to TBPFM.   I was looking for some actors that speak French or can do a good accent and SURPRISE SURPRISE!  My future husband, Bradley Cooper, was on the list!  So clearly, he is first pick.  That means of course that I’ll be staring as the girl dove.  Casting these two roles, easy.  The birds names are Aimee and Bradlee…(pronounced with that nice little accent at the end – like this:  Aim-A and Brad-Lay).

The next scene, with a character, has a crazy hopping fish from Bora Bora.  We can call her Nora.  If only Ellen hadn’t already played Dory because she would make an excellent Nora.  That would just be too confusing to people.  So it requires another funny and crazy lady, so I think I would cast Whoopi.

From Bora Bora, we island hop a little over to Hawaii, where we meet a cute little turtle couple.  Bert and Mertle.  They are really happy little buggers, maybe a little nutty.  These two have been together for as long as they can remember (which, don’t tell them, might actually only go as far back as yesterday).  I’d definitely look at Betty White for the role of Mertle and Eli Wallach as Bert.  Eli was that really cute older guy from the Holiday (with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz).

The story then takes a longer journey over to another Island, but this time not a tropical one.  We have a little bitty leprechaun over in Ireland.  Robin Williams is the first pick here.  His name is Carney, he hails from Blarney.

The next character really isn’t a character.  She’s just a statue, the most popular one probably, but in this movie she’s not very chatty, so we won’t be casting anyone.  She has no lines.

Now, writing this casting effort, I’m just realizing how MANY places in this book are islands!  How am I just noticing this?!  On our next island (I’ll let you guess which one this is), we have a mommy kangaroo and her little baby.  Well of course someone already had to pick the names Kanga and Little Roo, so I had to get a little more creative on naming these two.  Aussie and Baby Lou.  Emilie De Raven will be Aussie (she’s the pretty new mommy from LOST, remember her?) and Lou, maybe Jaden Smith?  If he can be a Karate Kid, I’m sure he can learn an accent.

To yet again another island…since I have already mentioned her once, I think Kate Winslet would make an excellent Queen of England!

When you’re finally done island hopping in this movie, you’ll land in China, where you’ll find the sweetest panda ever.  Jack Black already played an awesome Panda, but this little guy has a much different personality.  He reminds me of a Panda Poo, which is where his name comes from:  PandaPoo.  Yes, this one is very original.  John Goodman and Morgan Freeman are both auditioning.

Of course, all movies need some suspense, so I can’t tell you the all the rest.  But I’m thinking someone named Spacey or maybe Hugh…but to find out, you know what you’ll have to do!  Open the book and take a read…it’s really your little one who has the starring lead!

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