My Wish For You Birthday Bash!!

My Wish For You_Birthday Bash copy

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday dear Book #2…Happy Birthday to you!  Today we are celebrating the publishing of my second book, My Wish For You.


New!! Hot off the presses!!

My Wish For You is a collection of hopes and dreams that each parent holds for their child.  The best of the best, but above all the rest, what a mommy and daddy really wish is for their child to be happy with who they are.  That’s the greatest wish by far.

However you wish, a dandelion or clover, you’ll wish for your baby over and over.  Search the sky for a star or drop a coin in a well, these wishes are wished for your little angel.

Close your eyes tight, wish with all your might!  Each one will come true, just as it’s supposed to…

Take a closer look at My Wish For You, by checking out the trailer!

As a birthday present, I’ll be giving away one signed copy of My Wish For You, and two kindle editions!  You can enter to win by clicking here!

My Wish For You is immediately available for purchase here: in paperback.  It will also be available on in both paperback and Kindle editions this week!

I’d love to hear what you think of the trailer!  Thanks!


Amy Misakonis


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