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Hi There!  I’m Amy Misakonis and I’m starting my latest adventure of writing baby and children’s picture books.  I hope that my books help you to share important messages with your little loves through fun rhymes and playful pictures.  Here is the story of me…

I went to a little university called Embry-Riddle in Daytona Beach, Florida for Aerospace Engineering.  I had a dream of becoming an astronaut, but I was blind as bat..so, I couldn’t do that!  Instead I have spent 10 years working for NASA in one way or another, on the Space Shuttle, Constellation Program, and now science instrument projects at Goddard Space Flight Center.  Almost one year ago, I had the most amazingly cute and special delivery..a baby boy!  It’s just me and him, so I talk to him a lot about lots and lots of things, even though he still has no idea what I’m saying!  So one night, while I was telling him all about the world, I got an idea for a book, a book that would tell him that he meant the world to me.  And voila! My first baby book was born.

For a long long time, I have written funny poems as speeches for weddings.  After about the millionth wedding (no really, they wrote that movie 27 Dresses about ME), I became quite good at turning a story into a silly rhyme that was sure to get a few giggles, if not water through the nose laughs out of the guests (or brides..).  I’ve always wanted to write a book, but never really knew where to start.  When I got this idea for a baby book, I decided to partner it with my knack for goofy rhymes.  I hope you enjoy my books and I hope the messages they send to your babies, no matter what age they are, leaves a lasting impression.