Debut Picture Book

Debut Picture Book

AVAILABLE NOW IN PAPERBACK:  On Amazon:   or  .  The Best Place For Me is also available for Kindle on and in hardcover by contacting me for details.

The Best Place For Me, illustrated by Nicolas Milano, is my debut children’s book.  This book delivers a special message from moms and dads to their little ones:  No matter where I’ve been, or where I want to go, from Paris to New York and all the places in between, the best place for me is right here with you.

While rocking my new baby to sleep one night, and telling him about all of the wonderful places I had been, all the exciting places I want to go, I realized that none of those places compared to that very moment watching my son fall asleep.  This is how the Best Place for Me was born.

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

My Wish For You, is my second children’s picture book.  It just published in June and is available on in paperback and for Kindle.  Hardcover copies are available by contacting me directly.   

My Wish For You is a collection of hopes and dreams that each parent holds for their child.  The best of the best, but above all the rest, what a mommy and daddy really wish, is for their children to be happy with who they are.  That’s the greatest wish by far.

However you wish, a dandelion or a clover, you’ll wish for your baby over and over.  Search the sky for a star, or drop a coin in a well, these wishes are wished for your little angel.

Close your eyes tight, wish with all your might!  Each one will come true, just as it’s supposed to…

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